Monday, March 9, 2015

Two Little Boys

So excited for this little boy 

to meet this little boy!

Ransom Terry Douthit:
Coming July 2015!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Judson: One Year!

I'm a whole year old!! I thought I would keep the words to a minimum and just let you enjoy a video...check out my whole first year, one second a day(kind of)!

P.S. You'll want to watch it until the very end ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Judson: Eleven Months!

Hard to believe I'm almost a whole year old. I'm pretty excited to celebrate my birthday with mom, although, it will be hard to top what I got her last year:)

This past month has been full of excitement! I still haven't been to any well-baby visits so it's not exactly clear how much I weigh, but I somewhere in the 22 pounds range:) We celebrated Thanksgiving with Dad's classmates...we had a great time! Mom cooked her first turkey, and it was a success...all 21 pounds of it. That's right, the turkey was life-sized (for me, that is). Mom, Dad, and some good friends walked to the dinner was much easier to hold me than all the food, so they stuck the turkey and fixings in the stroller and carried me! It was quite a sight.

In developmental news, I have gotten four teeth up top and I TOOK MY FIRST STEPS!! Last night, I took my first steps with no help...FREEDOM! I haven't done it since, but I'm pretty sure I'll be walking all over the place soon:)

I really like to feed myself!

hanging out in the hammock with uncle Yos

playing with Aunt Jamie!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Judson: Ten Months!

It's hard to believe I have been in this world ten whole months now (and 3 days). Mom and I went to visit some friends tonight while Dad was on-call and they were talking about how much growing I have done this past month!

I am officially crawling on hands and knees...turns out I can get places much faster that way, and it makes it a lot easier to pull up on things going from my knees than from my belly:) I am still just as curious as ever, just more mobile now so I can cover a lot of ground pretty quickly...don't worry, I am keeping mom on her toes! In the past few days I have started to pull up on things and let go...standing all by myself...I haven't gone longer than about 7 seconds, but it's a pretty steady 7 seconds:) On top of my developing motor skills, I am also in the process of welcoming my third tooth!

We had several holidays this month so I got to spend a lot of time with Dad which Mom and I really enjoyed! We went on a few adventures, but mostly just stayed around Beer Sheva. I also got to see Dad perform in a skit at the Physician's Oath ceremony...I think that's where I get my theatrical abilities.

The Christmas season has officially been inaugurated in the Douthit home. Mom and Dad have always started the festivities a bit early, but I think there is something about living in a place where it isn't celebrated that makes them even more eager and excited! It was my first time to help with placing decorations (and by help I mean, supervise). We had a good time, and I even got to hear a little Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb" which is one of Mom and Dad's favorites! (Thanks to the Pugh fam for introducing them!)

crawling like a champ now!

I've taken some hard falls, but it hasn't stopped me!

I like to use my gums as leverage

supervising the festivities

who knows?

me, Auntie Tiff, and Miss Erin at the Physician's Oath Ceremony

hanging out in the park with friends:)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Judson: Nine Months!

Well, I'm nine months! I've hit quite a few milestones this past month too. I can move from sitting up to crawling position with ease, still not crawling on my hands and knees though. Mom and Dad think it may be because we have all tile floors so it's just as easy (and less painful on the knees) if I just army crawl my way around:) I'm also pulling up on EVERYTHING...chairs, tables, toys, things that are stationary, things that are not...I've decided I like the view much better from up there! I can say "mama" and "dada"...however, I'm a lot more generous with the "dada"s :) Mom's pretty sure I associate "dada" with dad now...whenever dad gets home, wakes me up, or whenever mom brings me into the room where dad is, I say "da" really loud and full of excitement! Jury's still out on whether I associate "mama" with mom yet, but she'll take those sweet little m-m-m's any day:)

We went to my well-baby visit this past week and I am weighing in at a solid 19.5 pounds, and I'm 27.5 inches long! I'm quite a little charmer, mom says. Everywhere we go I smile and wave at passers by...what can I say? I'm a social guy:)

This month has been a good one. Mom and I have gotten to visit many friends during the days, and once week we go to the hospital and have lunch with dad! Starting on Wednesday dad will have ten days off for Succoth, we are planning to take some day trips, so I am pretty excited!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Judson: Eight Months!

Well, eight months has come...and gone. Once again, I am late on my post. But hey, at least I'm consistent, right? You can't win 'em all.

I left off my last post mentioning that we were headed to Savannah...we had a lot fun! I even got to hang out with Pops, Mimi, Uncle Matty, Aunt Jenny, and some of Mimi and Pops' friends...all while mom took dad out for his birthday. We had a good time! We mostly just relaxed and enjoyed the laid back atmosphere, but we did spend one day in downtown. We left Savannah and went up to Augusta to spend the night with Uncle Matty and Aunt Jenny and see their new house! I'm excited to go back and visit and spend a little more time there:)

The next day we left and headed off to spend our last night in the States in Huntsville. Mimi and Pops came up too and we got to spend the evening with lots of was a good way to end our Summer in the States:) On August 14, we headed back to and dad said I traveled really well...they were pretty thankful! There were only a few times I fussed on the plane, but my charming smile made that a little bit more forgivable to the folks on the plane. We made it back to Be'er Sheva the next evening and I even got to ride back with Aunt Tiff!

Our time back so far as been pretty good. It took some adjusting the first couple weeks, but for the most part we are back in a bit of a groove, and I am sleeping like a champ! Jet lag only lasted 8 was rough, but we survived. I experienced my first Sirens too...I didn't mind all that much, every time we went to the shelter I just made new friends:)

As part of our groove, mom and I are still going up to meet dad for lunch about once a week. It's been pretty cool to see dad in all his doctor stuff!

As far as milestones, I still haven't started crawling on hands and knees yet, but I am getting around just fine with my army crawl. I've also started eating most all the things that Mom and Dad eat at mealtime. My check-up a few weeks ago went well...I took those shots like a champ, and found out I weighed 18.5 pounds. My growth rate has slowed a little, but I'm still pretty husky!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Judson: Seven Months!

My seventh month has flown by! Once again, I’m a little late on my post. Despite the busyness, I have managed to do lots of growing this past month! I got my first two teeth. Mom misses my toothless grin, but I’m pretty cute when I flash those pearly whites. I’m getting closer to crawling, but not quite there. The army crawl is still my primary mode of transportation, but every now and then I’ll tuck my knees up and attempt to crawl. I’m also rockin’ the sippy cup these days…every now and then, mom gives me juiceJ This past month I experienced quite a few firsts. Some good, some not so good. Turns out running a fever, going to the doctor, parvovirus, and constipation aren’t so fun. Needless to say, the past two weeks have been a bit rough for this little man, but I’m plugging right along with a smile and a singsong.

Mom and Dad’s friends in Auburn were very generous to throw a shower in my honor. I got lots of good stuff and must say that I might just be the best dressed seventh month old boy there is…thanks to our friendsJ Just last week we waved goodbye to Auburn friends and headed off to the beach with Gigi, Papa, and the Douthit aunts, uncles, and cousins. We missed Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Amanda, but we are glad we got to see them a couple times this Summer! Tomorrow we are leaving for Savannah with Pops, Mimi, Uncle Matty and Aunt Jenny. I’m bummed Uncle Andrew can’t be there, but I’m thankful he’s working hard for the USA, USA, USA…oh wait, wrong context. (I watched a lot of World Cup soccer with Dad this Summer).

It’s been a great month, I’m glad to have celebrated both my sixth and seventh months here in the States. It’s hard to believe how fast it has gone by, but I’m thankful we were able to come! Until next time…

my new favorite toy:)

just like dad!

our gracious hosts!

playing with Rylynn

Ellen came to visit!
Walden Wedding

I LOVED the water!